Learning Technologies

We always start any conversation about learning technologies by finding out what you are looking to achieve, both now and in the long term. We also understand that as a training provider, your clients may have their own very specific requirements, such as overbranding. By having a good understanding of your requirements, we can either identify an off-the-shelf solution that’ll meet your needs, or create one that’s tailored just for you.

Our expertise revolves around popular, open source platforms such as Moodle and WordPress, but over the years we’ve delivered solutions using a variety of different systems! Our approach is to always ensure that your learning platform can develop and adapt as your business grows.

And we know you may be completely new to learning platforms, so we try and keep our discussions with you as jargon-free as possible!

Needs analysis

Working with you to understand your requirements (both now and in the future), the options to deliver this and what is involved in adapting it for you needs.


We’ll craft a learning solution that works in harmony with your other business systems and processes. We can create bespoke ‘bolt-on’s to adapt this to your business.


We’ll plan a phased introduction into your organisation, and empower your team to use it with comprehensive training.


We're here to maintain the health of your systems and grow them as your revenues do.

Learning design & content

At the core of any successful business are great products. Provide products and services that delight your audience and you’ll find these are easier and more cost-effective to market and sell.

If you are looking to create your own online course, or a bank of resources your customers can tap into when required, then we can help you create a learning experience that’ll suit your audience.

We’ll design a learning environment that helps your audience achieve their aims, and create rich learning content to support this.


We’ll work with you to tease out what your students are looking to achieve, and what kind of experience would suit them best.

Learning and Content

We’ll design an environment in line with your audience’s expectations.

Learning content

We’ll work with your team and subject matter experts to create content and assessment that’ll have a real impact.

Rich media

Making your training shine through interactive and media-rich content.

Introducing Candle Digital

Are you a training provider, coaching professional or specialist looking to deliver your expertise online?

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