Case Study: Resilient People

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Resilient People are specialists at helping companies improve resilience within their workforce. Their team deliver high quality face-to-face training to managers, usually within the workplace. Resilient People looked to Candle Learning to help them to produce an online ‘Building Resilience’ course – keeping the key strengths and overall flavour of their face-to-face course, while taking advantage of the opportunities an online format brings.

The Challenge

Resilient People’s core product helps managers acquire the skills and confidence to help improve their team’s’ resilience. By improving their general wellbeing and enabling them to cope with the demands of work and home, they’ll ultimately perform better at their job.

While the face-to-face course has been a commercial success for many years, Resilient People wanted to expand their product range, and widen their audience by introducing an online version of the course.

The Key Requirements

  • The development of a course that was suited for employees (rather than managers), that was deliverable in volume and complemented the existing face-to-face course.
  • To ensure the key elements of the face-to-face course were included – particularly those that maximise that impact of the training, and ensure the impact of the training was long-lasting.
  • The ability to white-label content within the course to provide company-specific information to employees.
  • To minimise any administrative burden with enrolling large amounts of students and providing progress data to the employers.

The Solution

Our key focus was to ensure we didn’t lose any of the real successes of the face-to-face course in terms of engagement and outcomes, but use the opportunities online learning brings to enhance the impact.

After significant analysis of the existing course and student’s needs, we crafted a learning experience that would engage students, provide a real impact, and meet Resilient People’s commercial ambitions.

The solution included:

  • The creation of a personal action plan using bespoke functionality. As a student progresses through the course they answer reflective questions, that are subsequently compiled into a downloadable PDF at the end of the course. This empowers the student to take further action after the course, therefore increasing the impact. It’s also a useful tool to share with their manager and tie into any personal reviews or development plans, again enhancing its value.
  • Transforming the learning objectives into interactive activities throughout to increase engagement with the content. This also included the creation of new video and animation content, as well as incorporating materials Resilient People had produced themselves.
  • Bespoke progress reports that Resilient People can provide to their corporate customers, and the ability for Resilient People to customise the content.
  • Theming of the course content and overall platform to reflect the excellent branding already in place.

The solution was built on a robust and open-source platform (therefore incurring no ongoing licence fees). We worked with Resilient People to identify suitable hosting, provide guidance on the testing process and helped them with a successful launch.

We also created several marketing assets to give Resilient People the tools to market their new product to new and existing customers. Our approach is to help all of our partners get the most from their training products, so we’re looking forward to working with Resilient People in the long-term to help them maximise the returns from this exciting project.

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